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  • Prior to taking my son to this dojo, I had heard that Sensei Gaddis was a mark above the rest. I am here to tell you it's true. I have nothing but great things to say about him and his dojo. He inspires learning, positivity, generosity, perseverance, determination, and service to others in the best way possible- by example!

  • Gaddis Brothers' is fantastic fantastic place for families, mine has been part of the school for 5 years! They are able to have kids and adults engaged and focused the whole class. My daughter and I have learned so much and we are excited each week for a new class.

  • I am very impressed and very pleased with Sensei Gaddis and his approach to teaching my children and myself karate and judo and all that goes with it. Focus, respect, manners....and all with a positive and encouraging attitude. You can tell he cares about every student really likes to be there. Highly recommended!

  • Gaddis Brothers' Martial Arts is a great school!! My kids and I have been training here for two years. Gaddis Brothers' has incredible teachers and are especially gifted working with kids. They have a great way of balancing fun with discipline/structure. I have seen both of my kids improve in focus, listening, confidence, and perseverance…!

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