Focus on the Present to Achieve your Goals

Many of us want to accomplish great things. However, often we fail to reach our goals. This happens not due to lack of trying, but rather due to us not working smartly. We often have the ultimate goal in mind, but we do not pay attention to the steps involved in achieving that goal.

Focusing only on the goal and not having a plan of action with each step chalked out in a major mistake most of us are guilty of. For example, if you decide that you want to lost a certain number of kilos by the end of Spring. The big problem with such a goal is that if we fail to achieve the desired target within the timeline, we think of ourselves as a failure. We give up entirely on our fitness goals, and go back to our usual way of life.

A more effective way to go about achieving your weight loss goal, would be to set more realistic expectations. For example, you say that you are going to work towards losing some weight by the end of Spring. And then you create a plan on how you can achieve your goal. Create a schedule and work according to it. It is a lot easier to work with smaller and more immediate goals, than an ultimate goal.

Instead of setting the final result as a desired goal, pay more attention to the process itself. The result will take care of itself. It means you do not have to set a goal of losing 10 kilograms within two months. Set up a regular exercise schedule instead. You will soon see your body get fitter as the fat gets exercised away. You will not only be more confident, but will also inculcate better fitness habits. At the end of it, you may not even lose 10 kilograms, but you have achieved what you have always wanted- a healthier and fitter you! Best of all, you will feel like a winner.

This tactic can be used in your professional life as well. Do not set unrealistic expectations. Take it a day at a time and try to increase your goals each day. In the end, you will not be disheartened, and your stress levels will also be low as you are working with a comfortable schedule.


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